OnePlus Smartphone List With Their Codename

Our list will include various OnePlus devices across different ranges and their respective codenames. Codenames help us to find a phone if an official ROM update or custom ROM package becomes available. To classify the devices, codenames become important.

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Check out the various OnePlus smartphones codename. Over official OnePlus forums and support websites, you can actually see the ROM files come with device codename tags for respective devices.

Code name of OnePlus smartphones

Below mentioned smartphones are listed on official site of  OnePlus.

Oneplus Smartphone Codename
OnePlus 9RLemonade
OnePlus 9 Pro Lemonade
OnePlus 9 Lemonade
OnePlus 8T Kebab
OnePlus Nord Avicii
OnePlus 8 Pro  Instantnoodlep
OnePlus 8 Instantnoodle
OnePlus 7T Pro Hotdog
OnePlus 7T Hotdogb
OnePlus 7 Pro Guacamole
OnePlus 7 Guacamoleb
OnePlus 6T Fajita
OnePlus 6 Enchilada
OnePlus 5T Dumpling
OnePlus 5 Cheeseburger
OnePlus 3T Oneplus3t
OnePlus 3 Oneplus3
OnePlus X Onyx
OnePlus 2 Oneplus2
OnePlus 1 Bacon


The codename list updates regularly when OnePlus releases new smartphone.{alertWarning}

If we have missed any OnePlus device in this list, then let us know in comment below. Learn more about listed OnePlus smartphone.

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