Splash Screen (Boot Logo) For Lenovo K6 Power & K6 Note

Splash Screens / Boot Logos are available here for Lenovo K6 Power & K6 Note or Karate / Karatep device. TWRP recovery flashable zip files are available, and a picture that demonstrates how the boot logo will appear is also attached with it as a .png file.

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What is splash screen or boot logo ?

The boot logo or splash screen is the picture displayed when the device is booted. It is stored under the partition: splash or logo in many Snapdragon devices (might vary for devices) as splash.img .

How To Change Boot logo / Splash Screens ?

  1. Download zip files to your device.
  2. Reboot to recovery ( TWRP or any other custom recovery ).
  3. Select zip file & Flash.
  4. Now, Reboot to system.
  5. Successfully you have changed device Boot Logo or Splash Screen.

Download Zip Files And Previews

Splash Zips Splash Previews
AndroidSplash.zip Preview
AndroidOneSplash.zip Preview
ApplelogoBlacksplash.zip Preview
AppleSplash.zip Preview
ASUSblueSplash.zip Preview
ASUSlogoSplash.zip Preview
BatManSplash.zip Preview
GoogleAndroidSplash.zip Preview
HackersSplash.zip click here
HavocOslogoSplash.zip Preview
JokerSplash.zip click here
LenovoK6StockBlackSplash.zip Preview
LenovoSmallSplash.zip click here
LenovoSplash.zip Preview
LordHanumanSplash.zip Preview
MIlogosplash.zip Preview
One+AndroidSplash.zip Preview
OnePlusRedSplash.zip click here
oplogoSplash.zip Preview
OwlSplash.zip Preview
PixelexperienceSplash.zip Preview
PubgandroidSplash.zip Preview
PubgSplash.zip Preview
SpideySplash.zip Preview
VenomSplash.zip Preview

Deepak Maurya (me) crearted these collection of splash zip files for Lenovo K6 Power / K6 Note. This article will be helpful for those who wants to change their boot logo for lenovo k6 power / k6 note. Hope you have successfuly changed your boot logo as per your taste. 
If someone have any query, feel free to ask me in comments. Thanks! {alertSuccess}

Deepak Maurya

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